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WOW! Dr. Nitti! Thank God that he gave us this great doctor, someone who really caresabout his patients, and he LISTENS, a rarity these days. He is putting me back together, so you can color me happy! Thanks so much for being here for those of us that need you so much! I would HIGHLY recommend him!!

Anita S.

"I came to Dr. Joe Nitti with neck pain that nearly immobilzed me. At the time I was training heavily for triathlons. Dr Nitti came highly recommended by a friend who is a personal trainer. I felt immediate relief from the treatment. His balanced approach works quite well.
I came to Joe Nitti's office as a skeptic regarding Chiropractic Medicine but now believe many people can benefit from chiropractic. I have high regard for Dr Joe Nitti and give him my highest recommendation. "

Captain Mark C, Army Ranger

"When I first came to Dr.Nitti I was in tears. I had already been to Physical Therapy with no positive results. After a full examination and xrays Dr Joe said he could help me. At first I did not believe he could help with my pain but I was willing to try anything to stop the pain.

Today, I'm at 90 percent improvement , I give all the Thanks to Dr Nitti.

Cecelia S.

When I first came to Dr. Nitti, I had constant pain in my low back since my car accident three months prior.

Now after 10 visits, the pain is almost COMPLETELY GONE! I thought it would never go away and now it's gone!

Its wonderful, I feel much better.


"I was involved in a auto accident being rear ended. There were no cuts, abrasions or broken bones but for the next 3 years I saw Othopedic Surgeons, Oral surgeons, Pain Management Doctors and Physical Therapists. Some problems were addressed, however, many were not.

Dr Nitti made such a dramatic change in my life because the care and treamtent I received.

My advice to all who experience pain is to see Dr. Nitti."

Wynona T.

I realize how important it is to have a good doctor for your recovery. I was hit by a car as a pedestrian. I had been to see so many doctors but none helped me as much as Dr Nitti. I can do so many more everyday things with his help. So if you need to get rid of pain see Dr Nitti.

If rewards were given out for dedication to patients and professionalism it would go to him.

Lillian L.